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Knee Arthroscopy

This procedure is designed to diagnose and treat various knee problems, including the surrounding soft tissues. It is minimally invasive day surgery that can be performed under regional (awake but numb from the waist down) or general anaesthetic (fully asleep) and usually takes less than an hour depending on what is required.

We start by making between two small incisions (usually less than 1cm in length), on either side of the knee. A small arthroscope (camera) is then inserted into one incision, while instruments can be inserted into the second incision as needed to treat or repair various conditions including torn or damaged menisci, realignment of the knee cap (lateral retinacular release) ACL reconstructions, or the removal of loose bone or cartilage fragments inside the knee.

This is a day surgery procedure where you will stay in recovery for a few hours and you will need someone to drive you home after this procedure is complete. You’ll be able to walk short distances in the first few days after the procedure but the best way to recover is to rest as much as possible. Most patients can return to sporting activities within a few weeks.

Knee Arthroscopy Fast Facts

Standard Procedure Time:30 minutes
Standard Hospital Stay:Day surgery
Recovery Time:2-5 days
Return to Light Activities:1 week
Return to Full Activities:2 weeks