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Introducing the CORI Surgical System from Smith + Nephew

I was fortunate to perform the first CORI System Total Knee Replacement procedure at sportsmed, Adelaide, which you can view in the video. The CORI’s data collection is faster and more accurate than the previous systems available and I was extremely pleased with the result for my patient.

My team and I at Spriggins Orthopaedics would like to introduce you to the CORI Surgical System from Smith & Nephew. As one of the first surgeons in Australia with access to this outstanding technology, I now have this available to you and your patients. 

The CORI Surgical System uses handheld robotics-assisted technology that helps me plan and perform a unique procedure. This robotics-assisted approach is efficient and more accurate than traditional knee surgery.5,6,8

At the beginning of each surgery, I use the CORI system to create a customised 3D digital model of a patient’s knee. This three-dimensional view helps me finalise and verify the selection of the knee implant and create a plan for the patients surgery without the need for either a CT scan or MRI.

During the procedure, the CORI system works in conjunction with my surgical training to achieve accurate positioning of the knee implant based on the patient’s unique anatomy. The system sends precise information about the knee to the robotics-assisted handpiece more than 300 times per second, allowing me to remove damaged surfaces, balance the joint and position the implant with accuracy. 

The result is a knee implant that is positioned with an added level of accuracy to allow for a quicker, smoother recovery

If you would like to find out more or book a consultation please contact one of my practice managers. 

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